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Department of English


English department of Khalsa College, Garhdiwala came into existence with the establishment of the college in 1966. the students in the college are studying English as their elective subject as well as the compulsory subject. English subject is being taught as compulsory subject in the UG classes (undergraduate courses) of BA-I, II, III. Including this, the teachers are participating in various courses offered by the departments of Science, Computers and Commerce as English is being taught as a compulsory subject in the classes of B.Sc-II, B.C.A-I and B.Com-I respectively. Further English is being taught as an elective subject to the desiring students

English is being taught as the compulsory subject in the classes of BA-I,II,III, B.Sc-II, B,Com-I and BCA-I, the dropout rate of the students is strictly related to the strength of the college in the respective session. The English department follows the rules and regulations as decided by the BOS of English, Panjab University Chandigarh.

The college has a newly constructed building of library that is well equipped with latest learning technical facilities including computers, internet, projector as well as reading materials for the students. There is sufficient reading material available for the students in the college library particularly of English language including creative books belonging to all genres poetry, novels, short-story, biography, autobiography, travelogues etc, dictionaries, reference books. In addition to this the books related to literary criticism, linguistics and phonetics are also available to enable the students to become competent in English language and literature. There are total 1830 books as well as 33 journals/Periodicals available in the library to make them competent in the English language as well as to keep them well aware of the latest trends in English literature as well as the current issues of the age. Internet and computer facility is available for the faculty as well as the students. Students are being offered English as elective subject to the students in UG courses of B.A-I,II and III. There are neither any students from other states nor abroad. All the students belong to Punjab.

Students of English department participate in NSS camps, NCC, Red Ribbon Club, Blood donation camps organized in the college, youth festivals and other college functions. They also participate in various items in the youth festivals like play, gidha, skit, bhangra and fine arts

Strength of the department is the quality education being provided by the teachers. The teachers of the department try to understand the problems of the students regarding the subject and meet them accordingly. Being aware of the fact that the students came from a rural background having a weak base in English language ,the biggest challenge of the teachers of the department remains to make them competent in the language. So that they can stand confidently and excel their careers in whatever field they want to in life. Opportunity for the students of the department of English are in the field of teaching profession, research and it helps them in almost all competitive exams.

Ms. Malika Mand

Designation :Head of deptt. & Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.A., M.Phil., NET

Specialization :Literary Theory & Criticism, Comprehensive Literature, Indian Writing in Translation


Ms. Narinder Kaur

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.A., M.Phil., NET

Specialization : Indian Literature, Literary Critisism


Mr. Munish Dev

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.A., NET

Specialization :Indian Writing in English, Victorian Literature, Literary Theory & Criticism


Dr. Gurpreet Singh

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.A., B.ed, P.hd.

Specialization :Poetry, Drama, Novel, Literary Criticis, Indian Writing in English


Courses Offerd
Name of course No of Seats
English as Compulsory/Elective Subject Seats Open

Special Award or Achievement by the Students

1. Three students are doing Ph.D from various Universities.

2. Four students have done M.Phil from various universities.

3. Four students are working as Assistant Professor at various colleges.

Faculty Achievements:

Research and Publications

Dr. Jagdish Kumar

I. Research Projects:

  • Undertook UGC, New Delhi funded Minor Research Project titled, “Printing Press and Development of Punjabi Language, 1849-1919” for the amount of Rs. 1,10,000/ in April 2010.

II. Curriculum Design:

  • Significant contribution in preparing Syllabus for the Under Graduate Course in History as member of Undergraduate Board of Studies in History of Panjab University, Chandigarh for the period 1.4.2009 to 31.3.2013.

III. Publications:

  • Book Titled Communal Politics in the Punjab, published by Unistar Books Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh, 2010.
  • Research Paper titled “Communalism - A Historiographical Analysis” published in Proceedings-Punjab History Conference-41 st Session, Punjabi University, Patiala, 2010.
  • An Abstract titled “Communalism : A Historiographical Analysis” published in Proceedings of Indian History Congress-64 th Session, held at University of Mysore, Mysore from 28-30 December, 2003.

IV. Papers Presented in International , National Conferences/ Seminars :

a) International Conferences

  • Presented a paper titled “The Arya Samaj and Hindu Consciousness in the Colonial Punjab” at 72 nd session of Indian History Congress held at Punjabi University, Patiala, 10-13 December, 2011.
  • Presented a Paper titled “Communalism in Modern India-A Historiographical Analyses” in 74 th session of Indian History Congress, held at Cuttack-Orissa on 28-30/12/2013.
  • Presented a paper titled “Communalism - A threat to the Composite Culture of the Punjab” in an International conference on Social Space of Composite Culture in the Punjab held at PURC- Kauni Muktsar on 6-7 Nov. 2014.

b) National Conferences

  • Presented a paper titled, “Communalism-A Historiographical Analysis”, at Punjab History Conference held at Punjabi University, Patiala on 14-16 March, 2009.
  • Presented a paper titled “Punjabi language and Language Policy in Colonial Punjab” in National Conference on Information Technology, Society and Literary Restructuring during 12-13 March, 2012 organized by Panjab University Regional Centre, Muktsar.
  • Presented a Paper titled “Rise and Growth of Hindu Politics in Colonial Punjab 1890-1920” in National Seminar on Imaging the Punjab: Politics, Society, Culture and Literature organised by Panjab University Rural Centre, Kauni (Muktsar) on 6-7/02/2014.

c) National Seminars

  • Presented a paper titled “Arya Samaj and Hindu consciousness in colonial Punjab”, at UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Political Ideas of Swami Dayanand: Impact and Relevance in 21 st Century India’ held at R.K. Arya College, Nawanshahr on 24/02/2009.
  • Presented a paper titled “Swami Vivekanand and colonialism in India”, at UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Socio-Economic and Religious ideas of Swami Vivekanand’ held at R.K. Arya College, Nawanshahr on 25/09/2010.
  • Presented a paper titled “Historical Perspective of Human Rights Violation”, at UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Violation of Human Rights in Punjab-A Case of Peasants’ suicide’ held at Guru Nanak National College, Doraha on 22-23/01/2011.
  • Presented a paper titled “Human Rights Violation in colonial India”, at UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Defining Human Rights: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities’ held at Guru Nanak College, Killianwali (Muktsar) on 23/02/2011.
  • Presented a Paper titled “Marriage in Globalised India: Challenges and Responses” in National Seminar on Human Rights Issues in Early Marriage organised by Centre for Women Studies, University of Calicut- Kerala on 17/10/2013.
  • Presented a Paper titled “Colonialism and Communalism in Colonial Punjab” in National Seminar on Nature of Nationalism in Punjab – from Ghadar to Ghadar organised by G.H.G Khalsa College, Gurusar Sudhar Ludhiana on 30/03/2015.