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Club & Cells

National Cadet Corps (NCC)


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) started in Khalsa College, Garhdiwala in the year of 1966 when college was established. The college has one unit of NCC comprising 55 Cadets (31 Boys Cadets and 24 Girls Cadets). Presently the NCC Company of 3/12 of our college is working under the Inchargeship of Lieutenant Amandeep Singh, NCC Officer. The Battallion of our NCC Company is 12 PbBnNCC Hoshiarpur. The present Commanding Officer of the Battallion is Col. Amit Dutta. The Group Headquarter is Jalandhar which is headed by Group Commander Brigadier IMS Parmar. The Directorate of our Group is Punjab, Hariyana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh Directorate. The present ADG of the Directorate is Major General RS Maan, VSM. The DGNCC is the highest in hierarchal organisation of NCC. The DGNCC is Lieutenant General P.P. Malhotra, VSM.

The NCC seeks to involve student youth of the country by constructively utilizing their energies. NCC is an important activity for young adults. Persons get an opportunity to discover the power and potential of team work in situations which challenge their own abilities. The tasks and activities undertaken in NCC help youth to unleash its creative potential in human relations, while giving them an exposure to ground realities. Youth learns the key to co-operative and harmonious living while engaging in activities like camping, etc while at the same time they imbibe a sense of commitment and camaraderie as they work closely with the larger community. NCC draws out the potential of the youth as it works closely for community development in times of peace as well as natural or manmade exigencies. NCC gives tremendous opportunity to one and all for betterment, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic status and instils in them qualities like nationalism, patriotism, discipline and self-confidence

About NCC

The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi, Delhi, India. It is open to collegiate school and college students on voluntary basis. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. Khalsa College offers NCC in Army wing. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The officers and cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course but are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corps.

Aims of NCC

  1. The Aim of National Cadet Corps is to develop qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure and the ideals of selfless Service among the Youth of the Country.
  2. To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, to provide Leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the Service of the Nation.
  3. To provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.


The NCC is headed by a Director General with the rank of lieutenant-general. He is assisted by two Additional Director Generals (A and B) of two-star rank (major-general, rear-admiral or air vice-marshal). Five Brigadier level officers and other civil officials also assist him. The Headquarters is located in Delhi. The organisational structure continues as follows:

  1. Directorate – There are 17 Directorates located in the state capitals headed by an officer of the rank of a Major General from the three Services.
  2. Group – Depending upon the size of the state and growth of NCC in the states, Directorates have up to 14 Group Headquarters under them through which they exercise their command and control of the organisation in the state. Each group is headed by an officer of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent known as Group Commander.
  3. Battalion- Each NCC Group Headquarters control 5-7 units (Bns) commanded by Colonel/ Lt.Col or equivalent.
  4. Company – Each Battalion consists of companies which are commanded by the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) of the rank of lieutenant to major.

In all there are 95 Group Headquarters in the country who exercise control over a network of 667 Army Wing Units (including technical and girls unit), 60 Naval Wing Units and 61 Air Squadrons. There are two training establishments namely Officers Training School, Kamptee (Nagpur, Maharashtra) and Women Officers Training School, Gwalior.

Motto of NCC

"Unity and Discipline"

Core Values

The NCC is a responsive, learning and continuously evolving organization. Its activity is guided by certain core values that we endeavour to instill among all ranks of the NCC. These include the following:

  1. A sense of patriotic commitment to encourage cadets to contribute to national development.
  2. Respect for diversities in religion, language, culture, ethnicity, life style and habitat to instil a sense of National unity and social cohesion.
  3. Abiding commitment to learn and adhere to the norms and values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
  4. Understanding the value of a just and impartial exercise of authority.
  5. Ability to participate in community development and other social programme.
  6. A healthy life style free of substance abuse and other unhealthy practices.
  7. Sensitivity to the needs of poor and socially disadvantaged fellow citizens.
  8. Inculcating habits of restraint and self-awareness.
  9. Understanding the values of honesty, truthfulness, self-sacrifice, perseverance and hard work.
  10. Respect for knowledge, wisdom and the power of ideas.



NCC Flag

The NCC flag for various units of the NCC was first introduced in 1951. The flag was of same pattern, colour and size as was used by various regiments of the Army. The only difference was that it had the NCC badge and unit designation placed in the centre. Later on it was felt that the flag should be in keeping with the inter-service character of the Corps. In 1954 the existing tricolour flag was introduced. The three colours in the flag depict the three services of the Corps, red for the Army, deep blue for the Navy and light blue for the Air Force. The letters NCC and the NCC crest in gold in the middle of the flag encircled by a wreath of lotus, give the flag a colourful look and a distinct identity.

NCC Song Lyrics

Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain
Apni Manzil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain.
Kashmir Ki Dharti Rani Hai,
Sartaj Himalaya Hai,
Saadiyon Se Humne Isko Apne Khoon Se Pala Hai
Desh Ki Raksha Ki Khatir Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge,
Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge.
Bikhre Bikhre Taare Hain Hum Lekin Jhilmil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hai.
Mandir Gurudwaare Bhi Hain Yahan
Aur Masjid Bhi Hai Yahan
Girija Ka Hai Ghariyaal Kahin
Mullah ki Kahin Hai Ajaan
Ek Hee Apna Ram Hain, Ek hi Allah Taala Hai,
Ek Hee Allah Taala Hain, Raang Birange Deepak Hain Hum,
lekin Jagmag Ek Hai, Ha Ha Ha Ek Hai, Ho Ho Ho Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain.

Days of Parade in our College: Two Days (Monday and Thursday) 2: 30pm to 4:00 pm

  1. Drill. Cadets are made to understand the aim and purpose of drill, so that they are motivated. Emphasis is laid on correct bearing, marching, saluting and arms drill.
  2. Weapon Training: Cadets generally take keen interest in weapon training and firing. The Unit liaises with nearby Para-Military Units to ensure that all our cadets get an opportunity to fire. Use of firing simulator is made to optimize training efforts.

Certificates & Examinations

There are two Certificates in NCC at our College level
  1. Certificate – B : SD/SW cadet can appeared in B certificate in second year of NCC. In the second year of training. Cadets should be in +2/Second year of his/her degree course. The candidate must have attended a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first & second years of SD/SW NCC. He/she must have attended one Annual Training Camp/NIC.
  2. Certificate – C: It is the most important certificate for NCC cadet. Now it can be taken in the 3rd year of training. Those having B certificate can appear in the first year after his/her +2 and in the 1st year of degree by SD / SW cadets only. The candidate must possess a ‘B’ certificate. Must have attended two ATCs or one ATC and in addition to it RD Camp Delhi, Centrally Organised Camp, Para Training Camp, Attachment Training with service units, National Integration Camp, Youth Exchange Programme.

NCC Benefits

For the candidates who aspire to join the defence forces, NCC ‘C’ certificate is a golden opportunity for them to go to SSB directly. These candidates are exempted from giving the common entrance exam and are called directly for SSB. NCC ‘C’ certificate holders will have following benefits over non-holders in defence as on 2017:

  1. CDSE (Men): If a candidate clears his CDSE and subsequent SSB, he will have the following reservation in various academies. A separate merit list is prepared for NCC cadets with ’C’ certificate.
    • IMA – 13-15 vacancies reserved for ‘C’ Certificate (Army Wing) holders.
    • INA – 05-08 vacancies reserved for ‘C’ Certificate (Naval Wing) holders.
  2. Special Entry (Men and Women):
    • OTA Chennai – 50 vacancies for ‘C’ certificate holders for NCC Spl. Entry (Non-Tech).
    • AFA Hyderabad – 10% vacancies reserved for ‘C’ certificate Air Wing holders in all courses.
  3. Recruitment as Jawan: If a candidate wants to join the defence as as Soldier GD/clk/skt/tech/tdn cat, he will be eligible for the award of following benefits:
    • ‘B’ cert 10 marks (GD) 10 marks (clk/skt/tech) 10 marks (tdn).
    • ‘C’ cert: Holders of ‘C’ cert and who have participated in republic day parade will be exempted from CEE for rect sol clk /skt, sol tech and sol NA cat and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE.
  4. Other Benefits of ‘C’ certificate:
    • Para Military Forces: 2 to 10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment
    • Department of telecommunication: Bonus marks awarded for recruitment
    • CRPF: NCC cadets holding 3rd division degree eligible for recruitment to gazetted posts.
    • NCC: Girl Cadet Instructors/ Whole Time Lady Officers.
    • State Govts: Preference for State Services in certain States.
    • Industry: Some industries give preference to NCC C certificate holders for various jobs related with the field of security.
    • NCC Games: Cash awards to teams and individuals for excellence. ‘C’ cert: Holders of ‘C’ cert and who have participated in republic day parade will be exempted from CEE for rect sol clk /skt, sol tech and sol NA cat and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE.
  5. Reservation in Education:
    • Many competitive exams have reservation for ‘C’ certificate holders in terms of awarding ranks.
  6. Security Agencies:
    • There are some security agencies – both private and government who prefer recruiting NCC ‘C’ certificate holders thereby giving them an edge over other candidates with a handsome pay.

  1. Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)

    • 10 Days Camp. You will make a lot of friends from various schools and colleges of the city.

  2. Republic Day Camp at Delhi (RDC)

    • NCC Republic Day Camp is the culmination of all NCC Training activities. RDC is held at Garrison Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt from 01 to 29 Jan. 1850 selected NCC Cadets from all States & Union Territories attend the Camp. The Camp is inaugurated by the Vice President of India and culminates with Prime Minister's Rally on 27 Jan. During the camp visit of Raksha Mantri, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Minister Delhi, three Service Chiefs and various State Ministers/VIPs are also organised. During the RDC, various competitions are conducted amongst the 17 NCC Directorates to decide the Champion Directorate for award of Prime Minister's Banner. Competitions are keenly contested in various events such as National Integration Awareness, Drill, Line & Flag Area, Cultural items, Best Cadet of Senior Division (Boys) and Senior Wing (Girls).

  3. National Integration Camp (NIC):

    • (Twelve Days) You will make a lot of friends from various schools and colleges from all over India.

  4. Thal Sena Camp (TSC)

  5. Army Attachment Camp 15 Days

  6. All India Trekking Expedition

    • Trekking in various hill stations and other places of interest

  7. All India Mountaineering Expedition

    • Basic and Advanced Mountaineering course for selected cadets.

  8. Attachments

    • with Army Unit, Air Force Stations, Naval Base/ Establishment/ Ship/ Sea Training, Service Hospital.

  9. Adventure Courses

    • Mountaineering Basic Course, Mountaineering Advance Course, Water Skiing/Snow Skiing Courses, Snow & Ice (Condensed) Course, Sailing expedition, NRAI Matches, Scuba Diving Course

  10. International Outreach

    • Youth Exchange Programme.

  1. Anti Dowry

    • Besides spreading awareness, our Cadets take a pledge not to accept or encourage dowry system.

  2. Tree Plantation

    • Our cadets plant saplings and look after them in conjunction with the college authorities.

  3. Blood Donation

    • Our NCC Unit organises blood donation camp every year to support and save life in critical conditions. Our Cadets also donate blood during ATC.

  4. AIDS Awareness

    • Various AIDS awareness programs are organised by the NCC Unit in nearby villages to make people aware of the cause and consequences of AIDS.

  5. Swachhta Abhiyan

    • Every year our cadets organised Rallies and Cleaniness drive around the city to spread awareness and to keep the city neat and clean.

Dr. Amandeep Singh
Mobile: 9915651698
Official website of NCC :

Year 2010-11

  • One ‘C’ certificate holder Cadet Gurpreet Kaur got selected in Punjab Armed Police as Assistant Sub Inspector.
  • One Cadet Participated in Mountaining Expedition Camp at Pehalgam (J&K) 1-26 August 2010
  • Three Cadets Participated in Tracking Camp at Hemkund Sahib (HP)1-16 Sep 2010
  • Two Girls Cadet participated in Thal Sena Camp at Yamunanagar (Haryana)
  • Annual Training Camp was organised at our Khalsa College Garhdiwala 3-12 Jan 2011
  • Blood Donation Camp was organised in the college. 25 Cadets denoted Blood.
  • Pulse Polio Awareness Rally was organized in the city.
  • Our twelve Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and twenty Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2011-12

  • Our ‘C’ certificate holder Manoj Kumar in Indian Navy in 2011.
  • NCC officer Lt. Gurpreet Singh Uppal successfully completed three month Pre Commissioned Course with ‘A’ Grading from Kamptee (Maharashtra)
  • Anti Corruption Rally Organised (27 August 2011)
  • Tree Plantation Day celebrated (12 Sep 2011)
  • Our eighteen Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and fourteen Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2012-13

  • One Cadet Pardeep Singh participated in Republic Day Parade on 26 January 2013
  • Three Cadets attended Army Attachment Camp in August 2012.
  • Twenty Nine Cadets attended Annual Training Camp at Talwara in December 2012
  • Blood Donation Camp Organized in collaboration with NSS and Red Cross Society. 13 Cadets Donated blood.
  • Tree Plantation Rally organized (14 October 2012)
  • Anti Drug campaign was launched (13 Nov 2012)
  • Lt. Gurpreet Singh attended NIC at Ropar (8-19 Jan 2013)
  • Our fourteen Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and twelve Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2013-14

  • Six cadets attended Army Attachment Camp (18-29 June 2013)
  • Four Cadets attended NIC at Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) (18-29 October 2013)
  • Organized Demonstration by team of National Disaster Management Authority in 5 November 2013
  • Lt Gurpreet Singh and Four cadets attended NIC at Darjeeling (West Bengal) November 2013.
  • Twenty Two Cadets attended ATC at Ropar (8-17Dec 2013)
  • Our thirteen Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and twelve Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2014-15

  • Annual Training Camp organised in our College from 02 to 11 October 2014
  • Environment protection Rally in 20 September 2014
  • Anti-foeticide Rally in 9 October 2014
  • Five Cadets attended in ATC Ropar from 12 to 21 December 2014
  • Our ten Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and ten Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2015-16

  • NCC cadets celebrated International Yoga day on 21 June 2014
  • Ten Cadets attended Annual Training Camp at Ropar from 21 – 30 December
  • Lt. Gurpreet Singh and our Four cadets attended NIC at Warangal ( Telangana)
  • Our ten Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and twelve Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam.

Year 2016-17

  • Our 25 Cadets attended ATC Camp at Baba Bhag Singh University, Hoshiarpur.
  • Our Two Sd Cadets participated in NIC at Malout in September 2017.
  • Lt. Gurpreet Singh along with two boys and two girls cadet attended National Integration Camp at Rourkela (Odisha) in December 2016
  • The NCC Unit of College has organised Environment Protection Rally, Water Conservation Rally, and Rally against Female foeticide and Swachhta Abhiaan Rally to spread awareness among the people.
  • Our twelve Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate and ten Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate Exam

Year 2017-18

  • Our Six SD cadets participated in centrally organised Army Attachment Camp at Jalandhar in August 2017.
  • Our Two SD Cadets participated in National Integration Camp held in September 2017 at Burdwan, West Bengal.
  • NCC unit of the college celebrated Swachhta Pakhwara in the month of September. For fifteen days the cadets participated in various cleaniness related programmes.
  • Blood donation camp was organised in the October at College in callobration with NSS, Red Ribbon and Red Cross society. Our 15 Cadets along with ANO Lt. Gurpreet Singh Uppal donated blood.
  • Our two cadets SUO Simranjit Singh and UO Cadet Manpreet kaur facilitated by Governor Punjab VP Singh Badnore at a function in College.
  • Our 23 Cadets participated in Annual Training Camp organised at SBBS University, Hoshiarpur.
  • Lt. Gurpreet Singh along with two SD and two SW cadets has attended National Integration Camp at Nasik, Maharashtra form 22 Dec 2017 to 3 January 2018.
  • Seven Cadets appeared for NCC ‘C’ Certificate and 12 cadets for ‘B’ Certificate.