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Principal Message


Dr.Jaspal Singh


            The institutions play pivotal role in human life are ‘Parents and School/College’. No unborn child has a choice to choose his parents, because they are the gift of Nature. He has to accept parents as they are either good or bad. Child is the manifestation of his parents because he has an indelible imprint of both of the domestic ambience and his family. The values, he learns from his family, go along with him throughout his life. Unlike the case of parents, the selection of an educational institution is in the hands of a man. Institution from which he receives education and spends a long time plays a significant role and has a potential to bring miraculous changes in his lives. Educational institutions are not merely buildings made of concrete but a bouquet comprising of Management, Teachers, Employees and students. Comprehensive mutual cooperation, hard-work and dedication contribute to the development of an institution. If any part of this chain fails to function properly, it leads to its failure and downfall. Mentors i.e. teachers are the integral and significant part of it, because it is they who, in the absence of parents, take good care of their pupils, polish them and shape them and become their guides.

            It is my privilege to have an opportunity to lead the diligent and dedicated employees whose untiring efforts has earned a good name for this institution in the world of academics and learning. This institution puts in its all efforts transforming the lives of the students belonging to villages and countryside to live the life up to their expectations and dreams. Teaching fraternity leaves no stone unturned to equip them with world class knowledge with a view of enabling them to perform constructive role in the society.