INTRODUCTION OF Red Ribbon & Red Cross Club :

Red Cross is an international organization which had its origin during the World War in 1863. In India, the establishment of Red Cross is under act 1920. The main objectives of International Red Cross are Betterment of Health of human beings, Prevention from diseases; provide help to reduce the suffering of vulnerable people. In the honors of Jean-Henri Dunant founder of this organization world red cross day is celebrated internationally on 8 May which is his birthday. Punjab state branch of Indian red cross society is also always ready for betterment of humanity. With this organization awareness program against social evils, establishment of drug rehabilitation centre to get rid of the young generation from drugs, free medicines for poor and organizing blood donation camp many public good work is being done. As Red Cross, the main motive of Red ribbon Club is to spread awareness among students about the dreadful virus HIV and how they can save themselves from this incurable virus. This club also aware people of society with the help of volunteers about preventions people should take from getting infected by HIV.
Khalsa College Garhdiwala has also formed Red Cross and Red Ribbon society which involves students from every stream of college. The first Varieties of social work are done by students under the guidance of Principal Sir and Coordinators of Red Cross/ Red Ribbon. The Red Ribbon club was formed in session 2004-2005. In starting, there were volunteers 45 volunteers out of which 25 were girls and rest were boys. In session 2019-2020 and 2020-21 there are 53 volunteers in this society. Due to pandemic, Covid, all the activities which were done, in these two years, were online.



Prof. Gurpreet Kaur, Deptt. Of Mathematics

Prof. Neha, Deptt. of Fashion Designing

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  Significance of Red Ribbon:

  • Red like blood representing the pain caused by many people who have died due to AIDS.
  • Red like the anger about the helplessness about which we are facing for a disease for which Red like love, as a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected.
  • Red as a sign of warning not to carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our time