About the Department:

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1966 since the inception of the college. Many qualified and experienced teachers Mr.P.S Sachdeva, Mr. Jasmail Singh, Mr. Inderjit Singh, Mr. Prabhjot Singh, and Mr. Kashmir Singh Sahota have served the department. The department has two sanctioned 95% grant-in- aid posts, one post of JLA and one post of LA is also sanctioned.
One of the sanctioned post is filled and Mr. Sanjeev Singh is appointed against it while the other post is lying vacant after the retirement of Mr. Kashmir Singh Sahota. A full time Lecturer Mr. Vipan is appointed against this post. Mr. Davinder Singh is appointed against the post of JLA and Mr. Varat Raj is appointed against the LA post. Besides attending the mandatory General Orientation Course (GOC) and the various Refresher Courses (RC),the faculty members of the department attend the seminars, workshops and the faculty development programmes.
The department of Physics follows the rules, curriculum, syllabi and regulation as decided by the Board of Studies of Physics, Panjab University Chandigarh. The department has two well equipped laboratories and a office. Our department has the facility of a smart classroom and a computer with the network connectivity for teaching students. To promote the regularity of the students in classes, the concept of internal assessment was introduced by our affiliating Panjab University; Chandigarh in 2004-05.The criteria of internal assessment in UG classes is 10% of the total marks. It is based upon the regularity, behaviour, response and the performance of students in class and class tests throughout the semester.
The evaluation methods involve the oral questions, class tests, assignments, viva, mid semester tests followed by the university examinations which are conducted by Panjab University, Chandigarh twice a year in odd and even semesters respectively for theory and once a year for practicals for UG classes in Science. The department has a good collection of books for poor and needy students. The books are given at the beginning of the session and are collected back from the students after their semester examination.

  Our Mission:

  • To provide quality education to the economically and socially backward people of kandi area.
  • To equip the students with requisite skills and knowledge to complete with the new challenges of the highly competitive world.
  • To preserve the great ethos and culture of India and Punjab.
  • To inculcate moral and ethical values among the new/coming generations.


Khalsa college Garhdiwala derives its motto, Seek Knowledge, Serve Humanity from the teaching of sikh religion which believes in the concept of “sarbhat da bhala” that is the holistic development of each and every section of society and humanity.

The college aspires to impart quality education to beyond the confines of any form of disparity because a harbinger of innovation while continuously strives to impart knowledge that empowers, enlightens and leads to societal betterment.

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Name of the Course Bachelor of Science Physics as an Elective Subject
Duration 3 years
Seats 100
Fees As per PU Handbook of Information
Eligibility 10+2 (Non-Medical/Medical)stream with 40% marks.

  Subjects Offered:

Name Course Code Paper
B.Sc 1st Sem. 0046 Mechanics-I
0047 Vibrations, Waves and EM Theory-I
0048 Electricity and Magnetism-I
B.Sc 2nd Sem. 0247 Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics-I
0248 Optics and Lasers-I
0249 Quantum Physics-I
B.Sc 3rd Sem. 0448 Condensed Matter Physics-I
0449 Electronics and Solid State Devices-I
0450 Nuclear and Particle Physics-I
B.Sc 4th Sem. 0147 Mechanics-II
0148 Vibrations, Waves and EM Theory-II
0149 Electricity and Magnetism-II
B.Sc 5th Sem. 0347 Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics-II
0348 Optics and Lasers-II
0349 Quantum Physics-II
B.Sc 6th Sem. 0544 Condensed Matter Physics-II
0545 Electronics and Solid State Devices-II
0546 Nuclear and Particle Physics-II