About the Department:

Since the establishment of the college in July 1966, Hindi as an elective subject has been taught. Many qualified and able teachers have served the institution from time to time. Dr. Devinder Kumar, Lecturer in Hindi, keeps on updating himself by reading many books pertaining to his subject. For satisfying the desires of seeking more and more he takes the help of the library. He works on internet to know more about computer and something new about activities being organized in Hindi literature. Although irregularly but he reads papers and magazines also according to the availability of time.
The single teacher of the department helps the students by academic and personal counseling. He is always ready to solve the problems of the students in his free period. The students can discuss their problems with him whenever they requireThe lecturer of Hindi department has been contributing in co-curricular activities also. Other than being an active participating spirit in Youth Festival and organization of it, Dr. Devinder Kumar is also serving the Institution as Registrar of the college. He keeps on participating in many other activities. He is also a member of Library advisory committee, member of purchase committee etc.
Other than the traditional method of evaluating the students i.e. two house tests, annual examination, assignments are given to students. The class tests are conducted from time to time.


DR. DEVINDER KUMAR, Associate Professor

Contact No. +91-9888204394
Email : dksandal72@gmail.com

SWOC Analysis


  • Student centered teaching
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • The department provides a profound knowledge to the students both in and beyond the classroom in a broad perspective.


  • The students are belong to rural area so they have to face many difficulties
  • Poor economic background of the students and the locality is a constraint. Around 50% students belongs to economically weaker section of the society
  • Students have no interest in reading books other than syllabus.


  • Being located in the economically weaker kandi area region it is great opportunity to provide quality education to the students.
  • To enhance teaching and learning ability of students through exchange program within the cluster college
  • Encouraging students for competitive examinations and higher studies.


  • Low enrollment now a days.
  • Rural based students.
  • There are many colleges in the surrounding areas so the no. of students decreasing year by year. Most of Senior Secondary schools are discontinuing Hindi as an elective subject in 10+2 level teaching due to lack of Hindi lecturers in the schools.


Name of course Hindi as Elective Subjedt in B.A
No of Seats Seats open